Unizip Unizip was founded in Modena in 1995 and became quickly one of the most known companies of its segment all over the Italian fashion industry.
The company has soon expanded its offerings and capitalized on innovation, technologies and market trends, proposing a full range of zip fasteners in many variants.
Its strong synergy with the customers allows Unizip to offer a high quality support in terms of creativity, know-how and after-sales service. The ability to customize the offer according to the customers' requests makes every product looking unique and refined.
Over the years Unizip has constantly adapted its structure to the fashion market changes and the economic developments, until establishing Unizip Shanghai and Unizip Hong Kong as support production plants in the Far-East areas, as well as New York Showroom.
Nowadays the Unizip Group is able to serve its customers all over the world, keeping quality and service on a higher level: all this makes Unizip proud of its work, based on innovation and customers' satisfaction.

Simonetta Pasini

Simonetta Pasini

I was born and raised among zip fasteners. My childhood, spent next to my parents in the family company, has allowed me to grow with fundamental values, self-realization through hard work and awareness that only a competent team makes possible to achieve the goals.

Passion for my job and my collaborators' professional support has helped me to give birth to new ideas and products, thus realizing what really matters: transforming creativity into concrete projects to contribute either to the customer's or to the Unizip team's satisfaction.

Cit. Simonetta Pasini